Before and after


I love Easter! The chocolate. The hot cross buns*. The long weekend with TWO extra days. The Autumn weather here in South Africa.

The list can be much longer but let’s focus on the principal reason and a new reason. The principal reason is obvious and eclipses all the others completely and utterly.

I love Easter because of Jesus. His death and resurrection during these three days make them the most significant days in history. Nothing is the same after Easter. When Jesus spoke the words ‘It is finished’ everything changed. The before and after of Easter is the most important thing you can ever understand.

Countless sermons and books have been penned on this topic. After all, the contrast between the before and after of Easter is the Gospel. Without this change, there would not be a single church or Christian in the history of this world. The better we emphasize that nothing is the same after the events of Easter the better we are in preaching the Gospel.

This brings me to the new reason I love Easter.

When I started this blog, I made no secret of my love of social media. Yes, it is quite evident that it can be used for negative purposes, but the huge scope of benefits is there for everyone, including you and me.

I love that Christians get to broadcast their love for Jesus for the whole world to see. And that with a click of a button I can share a profound truth or encouraging story with everyone I know and with many I do not know. However, I do struggle with an aspect of this. Can you guess what it is?

Part of it is the syrupy sweet clichés everyone seems to post or share that makes statements regarding God that has no basis in truth or Scripture. Its only merit is that it will make some desperate soul feel better for a moment and over time people will start quoting it as if the Bible states it. Sweet sounding promises that God will not be keeping because He did not make them, may be more harmful than blatant lies that are easily disproven.

The other part of this is how Christians give one another hidings for things that they do or do not do or even believe. These constant ‘attacks’ from people who are absolutely right on people who are absolutely wrong about some barely relevant aspect of life or faith really pains me. The absolutes we apply to our cultural contexts and personal or even political values while demonising those with opposing views speaks of a small-mindedness that shames me. That I have often been guilty of this myself shames me even more and as a result, social media over Easter, this year, filled me with joy.

It seems that for these three days every Christian I am connected to on social media focussed purely on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. And nothing more!

I am connected to every kind of weird Christian I can find with myself, of course, as the golden standard for normality.  😊  I find you guys fascinating. Also, I’m always interested in what God is doing in different parts of the globe through His church. And yes, I think it quite possible that He is working in and through you even though you do not agree with me about everything.

This is a mostly voyeuristic pursuit and I refrain from voicing my disagreement or even opposition to your opinions. But not during Easter. I have never clicked ‘LIKE’ or heart-shaped versions of it as often as this weekend as I was lambasted with beautiful statements on pictures of empty graves that stirred my heart and faith.

He is risen!!

It is finished!!

I love Easter on social media! It is the greatest display of Christian unity ever. All our petty differences seem to disappear for a moment as we celebrate our risen Lord. After all, He is the reason we have life eternal and life in abundance. Not because we are right, or our doctrines are pure, or our theologies are correct or even because we are able to convince others of how wrong they are.

It is finished. Jesus did it once for all.

Would it not be great if the whole year could be like Easter? And we could all be talking about Jesus and Him crucified? And nothing else?

For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ, the one who was crucified. 1Cor 2:2 NLT

I would really appreciate your response to this blog. Please comment.

Reon Louw


* hot cross buns: a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on the top and traditionally eaten on Good Friday in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and some parts of the Americas.

3 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. I love your enthusiasm, Reon. Yes, it’s not about us – not one iota – but all about the message of the Gospel, way too exciting and liberating to be kept under wraps. A message not only to be shared verbally, in song, in written form or however else, but to be lived out in every aspect of our lives, thus shared by example, shared through our joy in Jesus Christ and His incomparable, perfect love.

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