God’s Frequently Asked Questions 1-4


God’s Frequently Asked Questions is the first series I have published in this blog. The response of readers from all over the world has been amazing and I am greatly encouraged to continue this way of communicating via as many channels as I can muster. A big thank you to everyone who responded.

I am currently publishing in three different places and will discover over time and with experimentation what is working best. Your feedback helps me to discover this. Please feel free to engage me on any aspect that helps you or detracts from your experience.

In this post, I am bringing all four posts of the series together, giving you an introduction to each post and a link to each. If you were to save this link it will enable you to easily refer to it and share the whole series with someone with just one click.

It is my hope that you will make use of this resource. The thought of people responding to God’s frequently asked questions excites me tremendously.

God’s Frequently Asked Questions

It is very helpful to access the FAQ folder whenever you are struggling with something. Very often you will find that you are not alone in struggling to understand something. And understanding the questions on somebody’s heart will give you great insight into who that person is, especially if you are intent on a relationship with that person. Knowing the questions God frequently asks will help you in many ways.


Are you intimidated by the task in front of you or completely overwhelmed by the challenges you are facing? God has a question for you that will help you. Read about it here.



Have you ever messed up in such a way that you felt robbed of your boldness in God’s presence? Or have you ever been in a space where you were convinced that God would not want you to approach him for whatever reason? He has a question for you that will change everything. Read about it here.



I know you pray a lot, but it may be beneficial to pray even more. God invites you to pray often and emphatically and you should be encouraged by this particular frequently asked question. Read about it here.



You should be living a life of great significance. Or rather, you need to live a life of significance. This question that God often ask can change your life, your community, your world. Read about it here.



(Your comments will be welcomed and treasured, even if you disagree. Quite possibly you can add something of value. Please be bold and free to do so.

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